Premium Apartments at Orbi City Compex

starting from $1500 per square meter

We will select for you the most cost effective apartments. Also, we will help you with the purchase processing and further management of the property.
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Invest in real estate

with a reliable partner

ManCo is a management company with ten years of experience in real estate.

We help our clients to purchase apartments and earn money by selling or renting them out.

At the moment we offer for purchase over 100 premium rooms, with renovation, furniture and appliances. All rooms are ready for occupancy.

Through the fact that we offer secondary real estate, you can get new apartments at a price 30% cheaper than from the developer.

Orbi City is the largest

hotel complex in the world








Meters to the sea

688 000m2

Of floor space

200 000m2

Of infrastructure

Working with us is

simple and profitable


When purchasing real estate, there are no additional agency fees.

The price of the apartment stated on the website remains relevant at the stage of purchase.


The price of apartments is lower than that made by the developer.

We sell secondary real estate and form a price offer more attractive than the developer.


Legal support is provided by professional lawyers.

Our experienced lawyers will process the transaction in compliance with the laws of Georgia.


Processing the deal is easy and convenient.

The time for processing real estate in Georgia takes only a few hours. Only a passport is required.


We help you purchase real estate through the mortgage in the bank.

Registration of a mortgage loan is regardless of citizenship by passport.


We provide a transparent real estate management scheme.

You can manage your real estate from anywhere in the world online using a convenient personal account.

Freeze the price of apartments

before the hot season!

Currently, there are eight rooms at $ 1,300 per square meter. Leave a request to fix the price of apartments for 14 days.

    Batumi is a city for year-round tourism

    and the new Dubai

    280 sunny days a year

    Mild subtropical climate

    Visa-free entry for 93 countries

    No real estate tax for foreigners

    The average flight time is 2.5 hours

    The real estate registration process takes only 1 hour

    Why is investing in Orbi City

    really worthwhile?


    The increase in the cost of apartments is from 8% to 16% per year. On average, our investors boast a 30% resale yield over the past year. By the beginning of 2024, the cost is projected to increase twofold over 2020 prices.


    Rental yields are up to 10% per annum, which brings our rentiers from $2,000 to $15,000 per year. The amount of profit depends on the size of the apartments, their types and many other factors. Our team will help you choose the most cost-effective apartments and calculate their profitability before purchasing.

    We provide apartments

    with transparent tools of control

    From the first day of the project launch, MANCO management company has provided comprehensive support for the Orbi City Complex apartments.

    At the moment, our team consists of 10 specialists, which allows us successfully support over 120 rooms. 

    We take you out of the management hassle and give you 100% control of every move-in and each apartment. All you have to do is track your yield from anywhere in the world.

    Finding clients

    Our partners are online booking services such as Airbnb, Booking and dozens of other online platforms.

    Paying expenses

    We take care of income tax and utility bills

    Maintaining apartments

    We maintain the rooms in their original condition. We close the issue of cleaning and provision of hygiene products.

    We provide transparent accounting

    We connect apartments to the accounting program, in which you can see information about reservations, visits, paid amounts and utility bills.

    Learn how to get the most

    income from apartments

    Get access to materials from which you will learn the most profitable strategies for working with apartments.


      Georgia is perhaps the most attractive country in the post-Soviet space and one of the most popular destinations on the entire Eurasian continent for investing in real estate . This is due to the low cost and high liquidity of square meters, the absence of complex bureaucratic procedures for the investor, loyal tax legislation.

      Georgia has completely abandoned the tax on the purchase of real estate and on its ownership, both for residents of the country and for non-residents.

      Houses, apartments, hotel rooms are of high interest, both among foreigners who themselves plan to come to sunny Georgia for vacation or seasonal residence, and those who intend to receive rent from renting them out.

      The legislation of Georgia determines that both a citizen of the country and a foreigner can own real estate without any restrictions. Houses and apartments acquired in private ownership can be further sold, donated and inherited. 

      If you are planning to purchase Georgian real estate, pay attention and take advantage of the offer of the largest developer in Europe – Orbi Group . As an international holding company with vast experience, we offer everyone who is interested in a reliable and profitable investment to buy luxury apartments in the main sea resort of Georgia – in the city of Batumi – on the most favorable terms.

      Buy property from Orbi Group is possible not only on the terms of full payment, but also in installments, and on the terms of mortgage lending.

      It is important that the procedure for issuing a mortgage loan to foreigners in Georgia is quite simple. The bank provides only a passport. No income documents or guarantors are required. Registration takes one day. Due to this, Georgia is considered a country with one of the most favorable mortgage conditions.

      Real estate in Batumi from ORBI CITY

      Hotel complexes designed and built by the international holding Orbi Group are the hallmark of the pearl of Georgia – Batumi. A special place among them is occupied by Orbi Citi – a hotel that has 9,000 individual apartments. Each owner of such real estate is considered to be a successful investor. After all, in addition to the fact that square meters are growing in price, when renting out, they will provide a stable income.

      Orbi Citi is a “city within a city”. The hotel complex is surrounded by modern infrastructure – everything you need for a comfortable life in the metropolis.

      ManCo is responsible for the full cycle of operation of hotel apartments , whose employees make every effort to ensure the comfort of guests and property owners. Service includes not only public services, but also security, reception service and room service.

      The apartments purchased from us are the private property of the buyer, so he can dispose of the property as he pleases – rent and receive rent for it, invite guests, live periodically or all year round, manage the property remotely through ManCo .

      Georgia is one of the few countries in Europe that does not participate in the exchange of information on financial transactions under the CRS. Therefore, every foreigner who purchases real estate from us is guaranteed complete confidentiality.

      Most investors who buy real estate from us are interested in how much they can earn by renting out apartments. A simple calculation helps clarify the situation. 9% of the profit is the commission of the management company. 1% of the profit will go to pay utility bills. 5% must be paid as income tax. The net income of the property owner is 85% of the rent. An impressive number.

      Georgia has some of the lowest income taxes in Europe and even the world. Of the income received from the rental of real estate, only 5% will need to be paid to the state.

      One of the important bonuses for homeowners in Georgia is the opportunity to come to a sunny country at any time. And if the amount of investment in real estate exceeds 100 thousand USD, a foreigner gets the opportunity to apply for a residence permit.

      How to buy an apartment in Orbi City?

      On site Orbi Group you will find current projects and a detailed description of the apartments ( price , address , photo , technical data). This may not be enough to make a purchasing decision. We have foreseen this and offer our customers to become a member of the tour, which is organized by the international holding Orbi Group. We invite you to personally visit Orbi City in Batumi to see the best real estate in Georgia with your own eyes. On the spot, you will be provided with the necessary advice and all kinds of assistance for a quick purchase.

      Registration of the purchase of real estate in Georgia takes no more than an hour and takes place in the House of Justice of Georgia. The entire service is offered on the principle of “one window”, that is, you do not have to go to different authorities. Documents are drawn up in Georgian, Russian or English at the request of the buyer. Services will cost 80 USD without any hidden fees and additional fees.

      Another opportunity to get acquainted with the offer of our company is to order a virtual tour. Tour of the complex Orbi (Batumi ) will be organized remotely. Sit comfortably in your chair even thousands of kilometers from the apartments. By video call , sales managers will present the property to you. What’s more, the camera lens will be guided according to your wishes. HD video will allow you to see all the details – architectural features, surface quality, furniture and more. Feel free to ask your guide questions. Rest assured, we are ready to tell you about the apartments in real time in all details.

      You can get more detailed information and competent advice from the manager. Contact us by phone, email or messenger.

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