Real estate investment ORBI CITY

Batumi is one of the most beautiful cities in Georgia and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the entire Caucasus. Even in the old days, it not only had the status of a resort but also all the real opportunities for meeting a large flow of tourists. And in recent years, Batumi has been called the Caucasian Dubai, also because luxurious skyscrapers have appeared on the coast.  

The largest residential complex not only in Batumi but also on the entire Eurasian continent – ORBI CITY – is a hotel apartments that is offered for sale for personal residence and for rent. They are often chosen for seasonal accommodation by tourists. And this is not an accident. The distance to the sea is 50 meters, a protected area, developed internal infrastructure and comfortable rooms – what else is needed for a quality holiday. 

That is why the purchase of apartments in ORBI CITY is considered only as an opportunity to preserve and increase assets. And given that investments are open not only to local residents but equally to foreigners, it becomes clear why ORBI CITY apartments are bought at the stage of a project or construction in progress. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits. 

Why foreigners choose ORBI CITY in Batumi for investment

To answer this question, it is worth returning to the topic of tourism once again. The tourist flow to Georgia from the post-Soviet countries and Europe is huge. Every year, tens of thousands of square meters of luxury hotel apartments are put into operation. And still, according to experts, there is a shortage of rooms. Today, the needs of the market are closed by about 35%. This indicates the high liquidity of each property. Therefore, every $1,000 invested in the ORBI CITY apartments will not only be saved but also multiplied. After all, the profitability of such an investment is, according to various estimates, from 15 to 18 percent per year. We offer to calculate: 

  • A square meter in ORBI CITY costs from $1400. When buying apartments under construction, the price is reduced by 25-30%. That is, an apartment of 40 square meters can be bought for about $40,000. 
  • Rental income for 8 months of the season after paying 5% income tax is at least $4000. With the year-round rental of apartments, this amount will be equal to $6,000. 
  • The return on investment is 6-7 years. 

And given that there are no taxes on property ownership in Georgia, the purchase can be made through a trusted person from anywhere in the world, and banks are willing to issue mortgage loans. When you hear ORBI CITY, it becomes clear that investing in real estate in Batumi is really profitable. 

You may be interested in the fact that in Georgia they are not interested in the origin of funds that are invested in real estate. Neither the bank nor the House of Justice, where all transactions and statuses are registered, will ask for a certificate confirming income, family composition, or other documents. To make an investment in ORBI CITY real estate, it is enough to have a foreign passport. 

And yet: why ORBI CITY?

What does an investor who decides to buy an apartment in ORBI CITY get? The developer offers furnished premium-class apartments, equipped with furniture and household appliances. Panoramic windows overlook the Black Sea. Together with square meters in Europe’s largest hotel complex, located 50 meters from the sea, the investor receives a developed internal infrastructure. No wonder the ORBI CITY is called a city within a city. The complex has everything for a comfortable life – SPA and gyms, beauty salons and cafes, restaurants and swimming pools, cinemas, and branded boutiques with a wide variety of goods. Amusement parks are open for children, conference rooms are available for business. And all this in the very center of Batumi. 

How to choose apartments in ORBI CITY? 

There are two ways for investors to choose their apartment option. You can come in person to get acquainted with the offer of the developer on the spot. The company conducts special tours that allow you to get maximum information about real estate available for sale in a day. The second option is to book a virtual tour. In this case, the manager of the sales department of the company introduces the object to the potential investor online via a video link. The management company ManCo will help organize a trip or organize a virtual tour. The scope of our activity is to assist clients in buying apartments in Georgia and making money on their rentals.

How to manage apartments in ORBI CITY in order to make a profit?

Buying a hotel apartment gives the investor the right to full management of it. The room can be sold, donated, or rented. You can manage the property directly or through the ManCo management company. In the latter case, you can not worry about a single issue. Just earn monthly income. Nevertheless, all issues are negotiated individually. And if necessary, you can quickly sell the property with a good difference in your favor.

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